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2009 International Digital Emmy Award recipients feted at MIPTV

MIPTV-Cannes, March 30th, 2009 — The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced tonight the winners for the International Digital Emmy® Awards at a ceremony organized in partnership with Reed Midem, during the MIPTV Opening festivities in Cannes, France.

Game Developers Hit Paydirt With iPhone Apps [TheAppleBlog]

Gaming on a mobile phone is a relatively new phenomenon when compared to the decades that games like Pacman and Tetris have been around. However, the mobile gaming industry is exploding, and developers who have spent years creating games for the Mac are now jumping ship to create them for the iPhone instead.
Brian Greenstone, creator […]

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International Digital Emmy® Awards nominees announced

New York – Nominees from 9 countries will compete for this year’s International Digital Emmy® Awards, presented at a special ceremony on Monday, March 30, at MIP-TV in Cannes. There are 12 nominees in 3 categories; Digital Program: Children &

How To Make Money From iPhone Games [GigaOM]

Last year, a small Mac game developer called Pangea Software ported one of its titles to Apple’s iPhone. Pangea’s Brian Greenstone didn’t expect to make much from the iPhone version of its arcade-style game Enigmo; he expected that the company might sell 10,000-20,000 units over its lifetime. It sold that amount in a single day, […]

Face-off: looking good on different screens

It used to be a screen test propelled an actress from the casting couch to the big screen. Now we need a different kind of screen test: one that features her to advantage on all types of screens. Or, even

Leo Barraclough: MIPTV outlook – The upside of the downturn?

This is a first post from freelance journalist Leo Barraclough, formerly of Variety, Screen International & Broadcast.

The recession continues to wreak havoc in the international TV community, as elsewhere. That said, some are arguing that the downturn in the fortunes of the broadcasters…

Obama Girl live interview by FanTrust President Catherine Warren

“Obama Girl” Amber Lee Ettinger became a national phenomenon when the video “I Got a Crush on Obama” was released online and went viral in the months leading up to the U.S. election. In total, Obama Girl videos have been

13 iPhone Games Based On Movies [TheAppleBlog]

Movie/game tie-ins are as old as the original NES and, as a booming gaming platform, the iPhone/iPod touch are no less susceptible to this continuing trend. To that end, here’s a listing of games for your touch device that are based on a movie (Note: All links go to the App Store).
The Dark Knight: Batmobile […]

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Getting your fans wired

Speaking on today’s Women in Film New Media Day (on a panel entitled “Getting Your Feet Wired”), I was asked by the moderator how FanTrust got started. FanTrust opened about 8 years ago, a consequence of my desire to put

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