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The New Matchmakers: Startups Tackle Product Placement Deals [NewTeeVee]

Product integration and branded content are taking over entertainment! Whether that sentence reads like an exciting opportunity or a doomsday proclamation depends on your attitude, but either way it’s especially true in online video, where traditional advertising methods haven’t proved to be especially lucrative. As a result, a crop of new startups has emerged to […]

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Would You Pay Comcast $10 a Month for Online TV? [NewTeeVee]

While watching Hulu and other premium online content on your big screen TV isn’t a threat to cable companies right now (TV watching is at an all time high, and getting high-quality content from PC to TV isn’t that easy yet), Comcast can see the writing on the wall, so last week it mobilized its […]

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The Void in Worldwide Biggies’ Master Plan [NewTeeVee]

How does an old media guy do new media? With big budgets, but not too big. And with his eyes on the prize of crossing over any one project onto all sorts of platforms. In his “old world” experience of producing young adult media properties, Albie Hecht, CEO of web studio Worldwide Biggies and former president […]

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Women in the Lead profiles FanTrust President Catherine Warren

Corporate and non-profit boards looking to strengthen and diversify in 2009 now have the definitive resource for targeting top talent. Women in the Lead, a new book and online resource, features outstanding women from across Canada already at the helm

Next New Networks, Revision3 Get into Indie Music [NewTeeVee]

Online studios Next New Networks and Revision3 are both launching music shows. But rather than confront the labels on their own turf and get into sticky rights issues, both startups are going the indie route. This will be NNN’s first foray into music, whereas Rev3 has already experimented with shows like XLR8R, a companion to […]

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New media M&A & investment roundup

Digital media continues to thrive when it comes to financings, despite the global economic downturn. . New York-based Peachtree Media Advisors has released its annual report outlining mergers, acquisitions and capital raised by the online sector in 2008. Some key points

App Store Organization: One Problem, Four Current Solutions [TheAppleBlog]

Apple doesn’t want you to find quality apps in the App Store. Yes, I said it. The way the App Store is currently designed, Apple would rather you spend your valuable time discovering apps by either going category by category or making “staff picks” for you.
Alternatively, you can just purchase 99 cent flatulence apps — […]

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The Top 10 Money-Making MMOs of 2008 [GigaOM]

Game industry analyst DFC Intelligence will publish a comprehensive study of massively multiplayer online worlds next month, and was nice enough to give us an advance peek at their list of MMOs and MMORPGs that earned the most revenue in 2008. The numbers are primarily estimates based on publicly available reports, DFC’s David Cole […]