Nielsen Releases December Video Data [NewTeeVee]

Nielsen Releases December Video Data [NewTeeVee]

Nielsen today sent us its streaming video stats for December. There was nothing that immediately jumped out from the data, but if you dig a little, there’s a month-to-month increase in the number of streams being delivered while the number of unique viewers fell.

Nielsen didn’t provide overall usage data (we’ve requested it), but if you add up the top 20 web brands for December, the number of streams is 7.87 billion and the number of unique viewers is 244 million. In November there were 7.82 billion streams and 254 million unique visitors.

Update: Nielsen got back to us, and it looks like the drop in uniques was only for the top 20 brands. Nielsen sent us the overall usage for December, and uniques were actually up to 124.6 million in December from 124.2 million in November:


Movers in the top 20 include Yahoo, which edged out Fox from the No. 2 spot by roughly 500,000 streams. Hulu dipped to 216 million streams and 6.6 million unique viewers, down from 220 million streams and 7.5 million uniques in November.


ABC was an anomaly, serving up more streams to fewer people. The network did 117 million streams to 3.5 million uniques in December, up from just 69 million streams to 6 million uniques in November. Which seems a little odd to us.

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