Lost Parodies Created By Playing With Toys [NewTeeVee]

Lost Parodies Created By Playing With Toys [NewTeeVee]

Few shows have enjoyed the critical and popular success that Lost did in its first season — but the consequence of that success, of course, is that parodies are bound to ensue. Of all the satire that’s been created, though, The Fine Bros. are probably the only ones to get the show’s stars themselves to appear — well, sort of. Their Lost Parodies series, which this week launched its second season on JustForLaughs.com, recreates the mysterious island and its residents with the use of the show’s officially licensed action figures (albeit for a highly unofficial purpose).

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Sure, sounds similar to the Adult Swim series Robot Chicken, except that instead of using the more labor intensive stop-motion animation approach favored by Seth Green and his co-creators, Jack, Sawyer, and Locke are simply jiggled around by human hands (with some computer graphics used to create facial expressions and other VFX).

The effect is that of watching kids playing in their backyard and creating their own adventures — except that the under-10 set probably wouldn’t be so ruthless in its critique of the show. The voice acting for Sawyer takes a dramatically exaggerated spin on the character’s accent and tendency to create ridiculous nicknames, and in the first episode of Season 2, folks from the NBC series Heroes begin to pop in: According to Claire, the cheerleader from Heroes (voiced by famous Internet person iJustine), “I figure that since you let other absurd plot points go, why not this one?”

The Heroes crossover makes for a easy way to introduce new cast members: YouTuber TheWineKone performs the voice of Sylar, and other famous Internet people set to appear are Josh (aka The Computer Nerd), Shane Dawson and OneManSho. Available in HD, Just For Laughs will host each episode exclusively for the first two weeks (similar to the Fine Bros.’ deal with iKlipz for their holiday sketch What Is Eggnog?) before the shows appear on their YouTube account.

While the first three episodes of Lost Parodies Season 2 have already been produced, the last two are still in the works, allowing Benny and Rafi to satirize moments from Season 5 (which premieres tonight). The Fine Bros. still watch Lost regularly, though they do feel the show jumped the shark a little in Season 4: “Seriously, a mysterious Island with all its odd spiritual who-knows-what is all great,” they said via email, “but to be able to move it with a giant frozen wheel? In the words of Gob Bluth… COME ON!” But if things don’t improve in Season 5, they’re not terribly worried: “We always can vent our frustrations by killing Hurley again and again. Which we already do.”

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