lonelygirl15 Gives Fans the Show [NewTeeVee]

lonelygirl15 Gives Fans the Show [NewTeeVee]

lonelygirl15 has always been a franchise that worked to reward its rabid fanbase, and last December, the folks at web production company EQAL took things to a new level by launching a contest to literally turn the show over to them. The “LG15: The Show Is Yours” contest solicited pilots for a series to fill the hiatus following the first season of LG15: The Resistance. While pilots were self-funded, the selected series would go on to receive financial support from EQAL and become a part of the mythology’s official canon — 18 fan-created concepts of various quality were submitted, and this Monday, the creators selected the pilot for LG15: The Misfits, produced by Jenni Powell and Logan Rapp, which features two former cast members of LG15 rejoining the fight against the Order.

Powell (whom I’ve known socially for several years) and Rapp are first and foremost fans of the show, but are also former LG15 employees who were involved with a number of series that had tangential relationship to the lonelygirl15 empire (including Powell’s quasi-parody show lonelyjew15). Their previous relationship with the show, as well as their inclusion of series veterans Taylor (Becki Kregoski) and Spencer (Maxwell Glick), didn’t disqualify them from entering, however, and Powell and Rapp will go on to produce eight weeks’ worth of episodes and interactivity.

“We weren’t completely unaware that using canon characters would grab attention,” Powell said via chat, “but we hoped it would be a ‘getting in the door’ type of thing and then we would back it up with a compelling story. [Logan and I] really felt like we both had something creatively we could bring to the show that we never fully explored being production assistants.”

The Misfits will not only attempt to dovetail into the tentatively planned second season of The Resistance, but will integrate the contest’s runner-up, The Last, into their own story — something the fluid nature of the LG15 canon should make easy. “It’s a simple mythology yet rich universe,” said Powell. “The trick is to do it creatively enough that it doesn’t feel rehashed.”

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