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These Routes Are Made for Watching [NewTeeVee Station]

Unless you’re a big fan of Heroes character Mohinder Suresh, you probably don’t find explanations of genetics all that dramatic. On the other hand, the latest developments in genetic testing mean questions that were once mostly rhetorical – What diseases am I likely to get? What might I pass on to my children? — now may have concrete […]

YouTube Hooking Up With William Morris? [NewTeeVee]

YouTube has already spawned its fair share of web video stars, but the video-sharing giant is now reportedly going after real celebrities. According to The New York Times, YouTube is close to signing a deal with the William Morris Agency that would put the firm’s Hollywood clients in web productions for the site. Unfortunately, what […]

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Ogilvy goes viral on branded content

Advertising agency Ogilvy means business about branded entertainment: and will be out to prove it at MIPTV 2009! Not only will industry mogul Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP (Ogilvy’s parent company) give a keynote on the theme “What screens will they watch – and what will be on them?”; the agency…

lonelygirl15 Gives Fans the Show [NewTeeVee]

lonelygirl15 has always been a franchise that worked to reward its rabid fanbase, and last December, the folks at web production company EQAL took things to a new level by launching a contest to literally turn the show over to them. The “LG15: The Show Is Yours” contest solicited pilots for a series to fill […]

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I Can Has Q&A With I Can Has Cheezburger’s Ben Huh! [NewTeeVee]

It may not be the most intellectually stimulating web content, but it’s hard to be immune to the joys of the I Can Has Cheezburger blogging empire, which includes the original LOL Cats archive, Graph Jam, and FAIL Blog. And when the ICHC network began incorporating videos via YouTube, the results were epic win […]

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Paid Distribution Becomes a Mainstay of Web Series [NewTeeVee]

So you’ve made your awesome web show, now what? You’re not successful unless you get an audience. And attracting views for your video series is not a simple feat. Distribution and promotion are recurring conundrums in online video, as we saw (most recently) on Friday, when we took a close look at John August’s pilot for […]

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Watchmen Viral Short a Message to Comics Fans [NewTeeVee]

Has any comic book movie borne the weight of expectations that Zach Snyder’s upcoming adaptation of Watchmen does? Created by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins, the legendary graphic novel isn’t like Batman or X-Men, comics that have been reinterpreted numerous times by various writers and artists over the years. There are […]

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Barely Political Goes Tech [NewTeeVee]

Next New Networks’ Barely Political, which struck online video gold with Obama Girl, is hoping it can mine technology for an equally successful sister franchise. And so…”Barely Digital” launches tomorrow. It’s not like political parody was a novel genre, but tech parody? It’s been done. You’re not a full-fledged gadget or social networking site until someone […]

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Twitter Said To Be Raising More Cash, Valued at $250 Million [GigaOM]

Twitter is rumored to be raising $20 million (or more) in venture capital funding at a valuation that would peg the company to be worth $200 million or higher. IVP, a late stage VC investor is rumored to have signed on, reports TechCrunch. Peter Kafka has been able to confirm from his sources that the […]

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