Zaslav aims to span green spectrum

Zaslav aims to span green spectrum

Discovery Communications
president and CEO David Zaslav
used his Green Keynote October 13
to explain how the leading
non-fiction creator and broadcaster
is contributing to the global environmental

Having launched its groundbreaking
Planet Green channel across all
media platforms, Zaslav told a
packed MIPCOM auditorium that
Discovery was not chasing after “the
dark greens” but themainstreamaudience
thatwants to “do a bit better”
in terms of its green commitment.

“This channel is not all about the fact
that the ice ismelting.We tackle the
serious stuff— but the channel has
got to be fun to watch too.”

Zaslav also explained how Discovery
is no longer interested in just
supplying its in-house TV networks
with Discovery-owned content.

“We’re more pliable now in terms
of finding distribution windows for
our quality content.”

Among titles being sold at thisweek’s
market, he singled out WhaleWars
as an example of great story-telling
which touches on environmental

In this series, Discovery-owned
channel Animal Planet charts
efforts to stop whale hunting.

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