YouTube offers content owners four Rs for a common purpose

YouTube offers content owners four Rs for a common purpose

YouTube founder and CEO Chad Hurley introduced MIPCOM delegates yesterday to the four Rs: reach, research, revenue and rights management.

Giving his Broadband Video keynote, he said that YouTube’s rapid evolution demonstrated its ability to deliver on all of those.
With 13 hours of video being uploaded on to the site every minute – equivalent to Hollywood releasing 57,000 movies a week – and hundreds of millions of users every week, there was no doubt about YouTube’s ability to enable content owners to reach new audiences, he said.

Media companies were also able to use online analytical tools to research and target audiences.

“In the current economic climate, this provides an affordable distribution channel,” he said.

The arrival of professionally made, long-form programming online was also opening up the reality of advertising revenue.

YouTube’s Video ID technology not only provided content owners with automatic rights management but also allowed them to opt to generate revenue from videos uploaded.

But Hurley said: “There is no old media, there is no new media – there is one media with a common purpose.” He anticipated a time when content would move seamlessly between TV, desktop computer, mobile phone and digital camera.

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