Taggart cast exchanges ‘body bags’

Taggart cast exchanges ‘body bags’

Long-running Scottish detective
series Taggart is celebrating its 25th
anniversary and the completion of
its 100th episode.

To mark the two
events, the show’s principal actors
are at MIPCOM to meet the media
and greet international buyers.

Taggart, set in and around Glasgow,
claims to be the world’s longest
continually running police drama.

It has survived various cast changes,
including the death of actor Mark
McManus, who played the original
title character.

Paul Sheehan, commercial director
of STV Productions, which makes
the series for ITV, said: “The secret
of Taggart’s sustained success is
down to strong scripts, compelling
storylines and the fact that viewers’
love a great whodunit.”

Alex Norton, who plays DCI Matt
Bourke, added: “Glasgow is vital to
the success of Taggart. The city has
had a bad image in the past, but the
series has helped to redress the balance.

It has been a great experience
for us to visit Cannes and attend
MIPCOM — now it’s back to the
body bags in Glasgow.”

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