New tech and television are allies no foes, says Dauman

New tech and television are allies no foes, says Dauman

Technology may be changing
the media landscape but content
and brands remain crucial, Viacom
president and CEO Philippe
Dauman said in his MIPCOM keynote, October 13.

Illustrating his point with Viacom
hit properties such as SpongeBob
SquarePants, The Hills and The Indiana
Jones film franchise, he said:

“Technology gives consumers the
ability to consume content when
they want and how they want. But
new technology can’t replace great
content and great brands.”

In a speech designed to reassure the
core MIPCOM constituency, he argued
emphatically that television
remains the dominant entertainment

However he also
underlined the importance of online
and mobile in “extending and
deepening the entertainment experience.

TV is the driver of our
success— but the fact that we have
launched 100 internet properties in
the last year shows how important
online is to us. Right now, we attract
100 million unique users
every month.”

Dauman described changes in the
media industry as the most exciting
in its history.

He even did his best
to dampen fears about the wider
economy, arguing:

“Our business
has one positive attribute in difficult
times. We are the creators of
escapism, the providers of highquality,
affordable content.”

This article and more in the MIPCOM daily News, online soon; meanwhile check out Dauman’s keynote in video, here!