Jude Law promotes Afghanistan doc "The Day After Peace"

Jude Law promotes Afghanistan doc "The Day After Peace"

British movie star Jude Law is in Cannes today with
film-maker Jeremy Gilley, to publicise Gilley’s film The
Day After Peace.

Law makes an appearance in the 2008
documentary that charts Gilley’s 10-year struggle to persuade the countries of the world to recognise an official
day of ceasefire and non-violence.

Gilley, who is founder of the non-profit organisation
Peace One Day (POD) finally achieved his goal in 2001
when a United Nations General Assembly resolution for-
mally established the annual UN International Day Of
Peace — September 21. The film’s conclusion sees Gilley
joined by Law in Afghanistan assisting with a mass-vac-
cination against polio.

Law’s involvement in the project led to his becoming Peace
One Day Ambassador. “I have known Jeremy Gilley for
years – he’s an old friend,” Law said. “He asked me if I
would record a message of support for the Peace One Day
website. After the recording, he mentioned that he was going
to Afghanistan and invited me to come.
Because of my own in-
volvement with film I was keen to see how we could use the
medium to inspire people and change opinions, and that was the
basis on which I joined the organisation.”

It was while in Afghanistan that Law saw first-hand the practical
application of the International Day Of Peace. “It’s great to be able to
see, on film, that our trip really did make a difference when over a mil-
lion Afghan children were inoculated against polio because the Taliban
agreed not to harm any of the inoculators on and around the day.”

Law also lent his support to Peace One Day’s live event at the
Royal Albert Hall in London on Friday, September 21, which
featured a screening of Gilley’s film and live performances by Lenny Kravitz, Annie Lennox, John
Legend, Bryan Adams and Peter Gabriel. The
Day After Peace, and a 60-minute TV special featuring the Royal Albert Hall
concert, are distributed worldwide
by 3DD Entertainment.

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