Entourage star Adrian Grenier: Going green can be fun

Entourage star Adrian Grenier: Going green can be fun

Adrian Grenier, star of hedonistic US comedy series Entourage, isn’t just into having fun: he also wants to make us greener.

In Entourage, Grenier’s character Vincent Chase makes it big as a Hollywood actor and takes his friends with him for the ride.

In Alter Eco (13 x 60 mins), Grenier is joined by a different entourage — a team of green activists — who together demonstrate that being green can be fun and creative, while still making a difference.

“I’m often asked what’s the difference between myself and Vince,” Grenier exclusively told the MIPCOM News yesterday in Cannes.

“We both like to indulge, but I’m aware of the impact his kind of lifestyle can have on the planet. So I try to have fun, while being responsible at the same time.”

But in being green, as in any endeavour, “the key is balance,” says Grenier.

“With environmentalism, you can either be sad about the doomsday nature of the whole situation; or be apathetic, by thinking there’s nothing you can do to make things better. Alter Eco is about finding the balance between those two extremes.”

For Grenier, the series’ key emphasis is “not so much about saving the planet, because that’s just so far-reaching. It’s rather about boiling down to the common value in everyone’s desire to be green. For me, the key is connecting with your own personal environment. That way, you can make more of a difference simply by being more aware of the impact on others of what you do.”

in Alter Eco, Grenier’s team not only helps him construct his new house in as green a way as possible, it also reveals ways in which everyone can be environmentally aware.

And he advises that we don’t wait for directives from government: “We’re in dire straits if we do that. I encourage everyone to think of their own ways to be creative in helping the environment.”

Alter Eco has already aired in the US on Discovery’s Planet Green channel, and GRB Entertainment is in Cannes looking for interest from European and other international channels.

It has already attracted its first deal here at MIPCOM, with France’s leading commercial channel, TF1.

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