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FanTrust's fan video contest launch! "I Know What TV Did This Summer"

With the television rerun season kicking into full gear, kids breaking out of school for summer and Hollywood’s dream factory potentially weeks away from a labour shutdown, it’s a perfect storm for launching our FanTrust video contest, “I Know What

Sony XDCAM EX In Depth

Abel Cine Tech, in association with the Producers Guild of America New Media Council and PostWorks, presents their second joint workshop, Sony XDCAM EX In Depth.Click link to view invitation: Sony PMW-EX3 camcorder w…

Low hanging fruit – YouTube. Google. Facebook.

YouTube. Google. Facebook. All of these channels are seriously underexploited by many entertainment companies, given that there are a number of simple things that content creators can do right now to capitalize on each. With YouTube it is important that

Use the Force

All fans are equal but some are more equal than others. For any given property, you’ve got fans… and then you’ve got superfans. Superfans make up a small percentage of the audience, but can have an impact far greater than their numbers. They’re a l…

Exclusive: Capcom builds fan trust

Here’s a shout-out to our friends at Capcom, an entertainment company that functions at the cross-roads where “Fans” and “Trust” meet. This weekend, Capcom did a stealth relaunch of Capcom Unity’s community destination. Talking exclusively to FanTrust, Capcom Corporate Officer/

New media, new rules – Just ask a ninja

After a whirlwind month of speaking on the future of digital entertainment and online video at the Vancouver International Game Summit, VIDFEST, Cossette Convergence Day, and nextMEDIA – I’ve decided to take a break and let someone else do the

Do No Harm

“First, do no harm.” This phrase, typically associated with medical professionals, should also be heeded by transmedia producers. In his correspondence with Professor Henry Jenkins, Jeff Gomez asserts that transmedia executions must not compromise the…

How can you use fan activity to support your main business?

As we’ve seen, the digital world lets you reach audiences directly, eliminate the middle man and disintermediates the big boys. But for many producers, that is a very big leap. Most producers operate as business-to-business companies. Whether you sell TV

Experience Design

Recently we have been brainstorming concepts and furiously writing new curriculum which we are going to teach at AFTRS in 2009. The work we have been doing at our Laboratory of Advanced Media Production has been influencing many of our new offerings in games, virtual environments and more generally in screen content. The process of […]

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