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How to understand Web 2.0? With "how to" videos

A recent CBC Spark podcast introduced me to a great new series of “Paperworks videos”. The CommonCraft Show, produced by a husband and wife duo, uses low-tech paper cutouts and whiteboards to explain Web 2.0 tools and technologies. Two Web

MIDMA Speaker Series presents Catherine Warren – April 25, 2008

Digital audiences are changing the revenue, delivery and engagement strategies of entertainment companies – meaning “first window” is no longer synonymous with “TV” or “cinema”. In her lunch-hour MIDMA Speaker Series session, FanTrust Entertainment Strategies President Catherine Warren will walk

ICE 2008

ICE 2008 – Making It – Building Entertainment Properties Outside The System A 360-degree view can open the door to new streams of success – what opportunities exist on the periphery of traditional entertainment? Catherine Warren sits down with Brent

Whistler Film Festival 2007

Whistler Film Festival 2007 – Is the Future Friendly? At this conference discussion co-hosted by the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), FanTrust President and panelist Catherine Warren shares her wisdom with independent producers on how to make a documentary outside


VIDFEST 2007 – Baby, You’ve Been Branded Branded entertainment is being heralded as a promising revenue model for original interactive content. How does an entertainment producer stay true to his or her content, and how do advertisers retain brand integrity?

Is there money to be made in Facebook?

Is there money to be made in Facebook? According to Adonomics, the answer is yes, particularly for developers that tap into the fan bases of entertainment properties. Adonomics is an online source of Facebook analytics, enabling visitors to track the

Learn filmmaking from Baz

It’s on the grapevine, Baz Lurhrman’s Set to Screen podcasts have hit the iTunes store offering young filmmakers an insight into the process behind the making of new feature film Australia. Critic Lynden Barber mentions it in his blog Eyes Wired Open and credits Luhrmann and Fox for a genuine effort to reach out to […]

Libel and Defamation law for Bloggers

Being a traditionally trained journalist (prior to entering the blogging world a few years ago) I have always had a healthy respect for the libel law in the UK, which is, in the main, anti-media, anti-journalism, and now out of date in the new online …

Uwe Boll responds to anti-Boll petition on MovieSet: I'm no George Clooney

Wired has just posted about Uwe Boll’s Movieset video response (below) to the online petition trying to stop him from making films. They compare his statement to that of 50 Cent last summer. “Oddly, this whole thing kind of reeks

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