FanTrust's ICEpicks

FanTrust's ICEpicks

FanTrust’s Catherine Warren will be attending ICE 2008, Canada’s pre-eminent conference on interactive media in Toronto, March 26-28.

Catherine will play double-duty at the conference – as ICE advisory board member and panel moderator.

As always, here are FanTrust’s “Top 3” picks for ICE 2008:

Making It: Building entertainment properties outside the system

Why: This master class session (moderated by Catherine Warren, Fan Trust President) will explore the strategies and tactics taken by the creator of a successful, nontraditional 360-degree multiplatform property.

Brent Friedman’s Afterworld uses Web, gameplay and TV to tell the story of a traveling ad exec trying to get back to his family in Seattle after waking up in NYC to discover that all technology has stopped working, and the city deserted. Just as gripping: the story of how Brent covered his production costs – before selling his content in the US marketplace.

Brent has written and produced TV and film adaptations of comic books and hit video games including Tomb Raider, transferring fans – and dollars – across storytelling platforms.

We’re hoping the panelist will discuss: How a multiplatform property, without an initial TV or distribution deal, can garner commercial success and audience engagement; his approach in digital rights negotiations; and his take on the monetization model of the future.

Date: Friday, March 28th, 10:30-11:30am

FOR THE KIDS: It’s About Connecting

Why: The kids’ interactive market is going strong – in terms of properties, audience and revenues – serving as a great case study in digital excellence. Whether your company is in the kids’ space or not, the all-star panel of award-winning, multiplatform pioneers (Sinking Ship, Tribal Nova, Xenophile and BBC Children’s) promise insightful gems on engaging audiences with nary a TV in sight.

We’re hoping the panelists will discuss: Xenophile is well known for its award-winning ARGs (alternative reality games) in the thriller genre. Certainly, the majority of ARGs have revolved around dark themes that lend themselves to conspiracy theorising. Xenophile’s case study for a lighter, kid-friendly ARG will surely spark creative new ways of approaching interactive gameplay in 360-degree entertainment properties.

We’re also hoping Tribal Nova will speak about its strategic investment by DHX Media, its newly-launched educational portal PBS Kids Play!, and the business visioning that lead to Tribal Nova’s breakout year.

Date: Friday, March 28th, 1:15-2:15pm

SPELLING SUCCESS? A case study in social media games

Why: Who hasn’t whittled away minutes (ok, hours) playing panel guest Jayant Agarwalla’s Scrabulous on Facebook? This panel sets out to prove that that social networks can be harnessed to generate revenue. For the audience, this talk will shine light on CRM (customer relationship management) ecommerce solutions and apps (both web and mobile) – on as well as off social networks.

We’re hoping they’ll discuss: Let’s be honest, we all want to hear salacious tidbits (and debate) Hasbro’s demand that Facebook pull Scrabulous from its social network.

Date: Friday, March 28th, Friday, 9-10am