FanTrust picks for NATPE 2008

FanTrust picks for NATPE 2008

Happy New Year! FanTrust has hit the ground running, carrying out assessments and recommendations of top conferences and distribution markets for our clients to attend in 2008.

First up, and the “It” North American digital entertainment conference of the year – NATPE, held Jan 28-31st in Las Vegas.

Past years have included many great conference discussions and business development opportunities, and the 2008 agenda promises to be no exception. Here are FanTrust’s top 3 “must see” NATPE conference talks.

Think Tank: Possibilities and Perils of Internet TV

Why: With an all-star line-up that includes Michael Eisner (Former Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company, Founder, The Tornante Company), Dmitry Shapiro (Founder and CIO, Veoh Networks, Inc.) and Kara Swisher (Co-Producer and Co-Host, All Things Digital) – the think tank is like a mini Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference for those stuck on its waiting list.

We’re hoping they’ll discuss: Eisner generated a lot of Internet chatter when he called the WGA strike “stupid,” arguing that it was too early to strike business deals – and thus to strike – around Internet residuals, since no broadcaster or studio has yet to hit digital pay dirt.

Eisner, long gone from Disney and currently running Tornate – which makes investments in and incubates companies and opportunities in media and entertainment – has stated that Tornate’s production of web series Prom Queen earned only “a couple of thousand dollars”.

We can’t wait to hear about alternative revenue models Tornate may test out next; his views of the biggest current harbingers to digital revenues; and his response to news reports that TV writers are meeting with web start-ups, as reported in the LA Times (17/12/07), with updates on NewTeeVee (11/01/08).

Date/Location: January 30, 2:00 – 3:00 PM, Ballroom K

Follow the Money: One on One with Tim Armstrong

Why: A rare opportunity to hear from one of Google’s biz execs in a one-on-one interview style session – as President, Advertising and Commerce, North America, Tim Armstrong presides over Google’s North American ad sales and operations teams.

We’re hoping he’ll discuss: Case studies of branded strategies across Google properties including YouTube – with metrics.

Date/Location: January 30, 11:45 -12:30 PM, Ballroom I

Presentation Theatre: The Path to International Expansion, Not the Straight and Narrow but Achievable

Why: With a panel that includes Granada International, one of the largest and most successful commercial television distributors in Europe; China Entertainment Television and Canada’s own Roma Khanna (recently departed from CHUM and now President, Global Networks & Digital Initiatives at NBC Universal), this presentation ought to provide excellent strategies for clients looking across the oceans to growth opportunities in Europe and tech-savvy Asia.

We’re hoping they’ll discuss: Western company case studies –regulatory issues, pricing models, tactics for finding business development opportunities and partners, and an overview of the competitive landscape.

Date/Location: January 29, 11:30 -12:30 PM, Ballroom I