Interview: Lisa Hsia Senior Vice President of New Media, Bravo

Interview: Lisa Hsia Senior Vice President of New Media, Bravo

Here is a brief Q &A with Lisa Hsia, Senior Vice President of New Media, Bravo

Lisa Hsia is the Senior Vice President of New Media for Bravo . She is responsible for identifying and maximizing programming opportunities for Bravo in new media, facilitating business initiatives in wireless, digital, home video, as well as securing international and ancillary rights. She also develops original programming and external opportunities for digital programming.

Q. How does an independent filmmaker-turned-news documentary producer-turned news executive become one of the leading new media executives in the industry?

LH. How does an independent filmaker-turned-news-documentary producer-turned news exec NOT become engaged in the the hottest area in media? The wild wild west of the digital world is fast-paced, changing every day and a lot of fun. It’ll be even more fun when we have some proven business models and we are raking in the revenues. Right now, I still consider us in a period of experimentation and if we get ad sponsorship, i feel very, very lucky and grateful to the advertiser for getting out there with us and trying new things.

Q. How does Bravo capture value for its advertisers on the new media side? What are some of your most recent successes?

LH. I think for the advertisers there are many benefits — they’re associated with a great brand that has lots of tech savvy, passionate and highly engaged viewers, they’re absolutely getting the exposure, whether online, on mobile or on the ITV side, and most importantly, they’re getting engagement and learnings from the process.

Q. It seems that Bravo “gets” new media in ways that other broadcast or cable outlets do not – do you listen to your advertisers and agencies more than others?

LH. We try to figure out what our viewers and users want and deliver it. If it works, we’ll deliver the metrics and the advertisers and agencies will follow.

Q. The industry is still in a very early stage of determining ad pricing models for new media; is your strategy of broad experimentation resonating with advertisers?

Absolutely, there are some fantastic innovators in the emerging media space at the agencies and certain advertisers. We’re working closely with everyone to figure out what models work and how best to price the inventory while at the same time maintaining a winning user experience.

Q. The mobile channel is very fertile for Bravo – what are some of the more successful promotions you’ve done in mobile?

LH. I’ll name a few you can check out now — text RUNWAY to 27286 (BRAVO) and you can join Project Runway’s Mobile Fan Club. There’s SMS/MMS and one of it’s elements is a fun location-based, social networking application that is a PROJECT RUNWAY GUIDE TO NY which we built in partnership with It’s a searchable map accessible via phone or the web, and you can find out the designers’ and judges’ favorite places in New York — from favorite fashion and shopping destinations to restaurants, museums, parks and tatoo parlors and you can comment and rate them as well. Also, go to to see the award-winning Project Runway mobile website. And vote each week in the premiere episodes of Project Runway on a live question and qualify to win a $10,000 shopping spree at

Q. Is this job the most creative, entertaining gig you’ve had in your career? Would you have expected, 3 years ago, that you’d be in this position in the (still-emerging) new media industry?

LH. This is absolutely the best job I’ve ever had. It’s fun, challenging and ever-changing. Come join us!