Death of a Blog, Birth of a Podcast

Death of a Blog, Birth of a Podcast

Well, not quite ‘death’ but an indefinite hiatus. I’m powering down this blog for a few reasons, one of which is my desire to finish my PhD. I’ve tried for the last year and a half to do PhD writing and work and this blog, but found the mindsets are somewhat incompatable. I’ve decided to close this blog down. I don’t know if I’ll bring it up again and if so when, or whether I’ll start another one. But I do know that I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging here these past few years. I have especially enjoyed meeting many of you because of the blog, and seeing ‘cross-media’ (etc) projects become pervasive. Thankfully, the area has alot more people looking at it now, from alot of different perspectives. Here are some blogs that will keep you informed:

  • Networked Performance: research blog that posts about emerging network-enabled practice;
  • You can read and listen to news about alternate reality games and just about any online extension of a film, TV or book property on the ARGNet blog and ARG Netcast (podcast);
  • Henry Jenkins personal blog and the Convergence Culture Consortium blog has lots of goodies from a media studies perspective about ‘transmedia storytelling’ and ‘convergence culture’ in general;
  • DeMontfort University blog about their investigations into what they term ’Transliteracy’ at their PART blog;
  • Jeff Gomez, the CEO of Starlight Runner and longtime practitioner of ‘trans-media’ projects, is now blogging regularly about his insights and experience over at the Producers Guild of America blog;
  • Monique de Haas blogs about ‘crossmedia communication’ occasionally;
  • Valentina Rao blogs about crossmedia games and anything related to that at Games Across Media, and will hopefully be starting her PhD on the subject soon;
  • Johnathan Gray, Derek Johnson and Ivan Askwith are blogging about everything around TV and film at The Extratextuals;
  • Crossmedia Dialog is a group blog that post regularly on crossmedia in Amsterdam and worldwide;
  • Faris Yakob, Adam Crowe: is blogging about ‘transmedia planning’ and other changes to the marketing industry;
  • Jak Bouman posts every single day about stuff happening in the Netherlands and worldwide at Buziaulane
  • Max Giovognoli runs everything to do with cross-media in Italy;
  • MobileCrossMedia is a blog that looks at the different ways mobile phones can network with different devices and the real world;
  • If you don’t already get it, the Convergence Newsletter has regular interesting newsletters about convergence in journalism and has been my favourite newsletter for the past few years;

I don’t plan to be blogging here about events or publications I’m involved in, instead I’ll pop them on my bio site. But for now, here are some events I’m involved with, in the not-too-distant-future:

  • I’ll be on the ‘expert panel’ at Mitchell Communications Group ’s launch of ‘While You Weren’t Watching’, a documentary on changes to branded entertainment etc in which I was interviewed. The launch is private but the documentary will be put online I believe in Nov; 
  • I have my own panel on ‘Designing, Experiencing and Analysing Games in the Age of Integration’, and I am a panelist in Darren Toft’s panel on ‘What Happened to New Media Art?’ at the Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment in Dec;
  • I’ll be on the panel on ‘Cyber-Born Film’ at Megan Spencer’s Destination Festival (or DestFest) in Dec;
  • In Jan 08, I’ll be a guest lecturer again for Sue Thomas and Kate Pullinger’s Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media, De Montfort University, UK;
  • In Feb 08, my essay on ‘Tiering in Alternate Reality Games’ will be published in the special issue of Convergence edited by Henry Jenkins and Mark Deuze.

I think that is all for now. But as I said, I’ll be popping in updates and links to publications etc on my bio site. For now though, I will continue to be online in a different way. I’ve started a podcast, a podcast where I’ll interview talented people working in this area. My ‘birth’ podcast is a bit awkward, but the second is a great one: An interview with Stitch Media’s Evan Jones. At the site, I also provide sneak preview information about Stitch Media’s latest project.

UC101 Podcast

As I said, I won’t be posting here and I don’t know how often I’ll be doing the podcasts at this stage, so sign up to the announcement list at the podcast for updates there, and keep an eye on my personal site. But that is it for me here, thankyou all for sharing this time with me. I’ll see you on the other side of my PhD.


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