Take 12 Minutes to Learn How to Grow Your Nonprofit's Email List

Take 12 Minutes to Learn How to Grow Your Nonprofit's Email List

Having a robust email list of folks willing to receive hear from your organization on a regular basis is a critical component in your marketing success. But it can be very challenging to build your list beyond what you’ve developed via the standard channels (online donations, other donors, volunteers, etc.).

If your email list growth is stalled, try these easy-to-implement strategies recommended by online copywriter Nick Usborne in his free audio tutorial (it’s 12:18 long to be exact):

  • Give something valuable in return for an email address (the something has to be of greater perceived value than what you’re asking for). Options include an e-newsletter (that helps the audiences, rather than being just about you). white paper, free Webinar participation, preview access to an important report on the field.
  • Feature your e-mail sign-up form on every page of your site, so readers can get more once they’ve digested related content (a case study, a report on your field, etc.) that they like. Remember that Web readers may come directly to any page in your site; they don’t necessarily enter through your home page. Make sure they don’t come to your site pages
  • Put co-registration to work. That’s when readers sign up for a related e-newsletter — not head-to-head competitors but related non-competing organizations (let’s say a nonprofit in a related issue area think animal rights/environmental preservation), and are given the option to subscribe to your organization’s e-news as well. Once you’ve made the deal with partner orgs, CoReg Complete is an easy tool for managing the mechanics.
  • When you’re using offline media to build your list — use a very clear URL that can’t be misspelled (within reason). Time and time again I’ve been unable to get to URLs I’ve glanced on signage while I’m driving by, or heard briefly at the tail end of a radio PSA.

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