Jason Nelson’s “game, game, game and again game”

Jason Nelson’s “game, game, game and again game”

Jason Nelson, an internationally regarded (yet not deservingly so in Australia unfortunately) digital artist, has created a great literary game about games, religion, society, net art and interaction design in general called “game, game, game and again game”. It is a great fun and very clever work that has attracted over 7 million hits from newspapers and magazines. The game is described by Nelson as:

a digital poem/game/net artwork hybrid of sorts. There are 13 curious levels filled with poetics, hand drawn creatures, scribbles backgrounds and other poorly made bits. The theme (cringe) hovers around our many failed/error filled/compelling belief systems, from consumerism to monotheism. But more it repels the tyranny (cringe) of clean design and cold smoothness of much of the web/net-art.

Level 2

It would make a great subject for study in classes on games, net art and interaction design, as well as a rich topic for an academic essay. 

Check it out: https://www.secrettechnology.com/gamegame/gamegame.html