I Love Receiving the Newark Museum's E-News

I Love Receiving the Newark Museum's E-News

I do. I really, really  do. And that’s not my usual response to yet another email.

Let me tell you why this e-news to Museum members stands out:

==> The subject line is short and simple — The Newark Museum August 2007 E-News — so I can absorb it (and note I want to read it, when I can) in a second. The complete line shows up on my Blackberry (a max of 30-40 characters show up on email subject lines on a handheld).

==> I get frequent mail communications from The Newark Museum. The look and feel of those brochures and letter packages is absolutely consistent with that of the e-news, so at a glance I know just who the email is from.

==> The e-news is clean and clear — lots of white space, color and type sizes used effectively to differentiate headlines. I can easily scan it, and see what I want to read more about.

==> It features activities and news relevant to me, to my husband (we have different art interests) and to Charlotte — our four-year-old daughter. Even better, I can click through to read more or register for a special event. But all the info about what’s happening at the Museum this month is there in one place. They’re making it easy for me, and I love that.

Take a cue from The Newark Museum in crafting your nonprofit’s e-news. Make sure you feature content relevant to the full range of your target audiences, and make it easy for them to find out more.

Learn how to:

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