Rested and Ready to Go — Back from Deep Creek Lake

Rested and Ready to Go — Back from Deep Creek Lake

…where we joined my husband’s extended family for a 23-people-in-one-house vacation. Not too much quiet, but a lot of fun. Interesting area beyond the over-developed lake front, with lots of large-scale farming, Amish and active small towns. Our adventures included visits to a medicinal herb grower/beekeeper, alpine-climate vineyard and an operating grist mill dating back to 1772.

Most importantly, I got a breather from work, including blogging. I don’t know about you, but I need periodic breathers to refresh my perspective and my energy. Now I’m charged up and ready to go.

Take a breather even if you can’t go away. Sometimes even a walk around the block can reinvigorate
my thinking, or a dinner out at a new place, or even just working on something else.

The common denominator is taking a break. The time you invest will be well worth it, rewarded with increased productivity and fresh perspectives. Try it, even for an hour.

P.S. The incredible bear chair you see here is this year’s winner of the Chainsaw Carving Competition in Addison, Pennsylvania (pop. 214). Who knew?

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